Greetings from us!


Lovinghands Marketing is a Malaysia-based SME established in 2006 with a presence in over 10 countries spread across Asia.  Lee Han King has been appointed the Chief Operating Officer since 2006 and has since been leading the team to expand its market internationally such as Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Moreover on recent years, we have been penetrating markets in Seychelles & Maldives.

We aim to add vitality to the lives of our consumers by creating products to help people feel good and look good. We develop products from nourishing hair cares, luxurious body care regime to your daily household dish wash liquid that’s gentle to your hands.



Hand Sanitizer

We manufacture products that falls under the essential list. We are making sure that the shelves aren’t empty. Therefore, please stop hoarding the goods in your local stores. We’re trying our best to make sure everyone has a fair share of the essentials so no one is left out in this dark times.